About us

RedWood Studio is an explainer video production company that specializes in animated video for businesses - short forms of animation that teach, play, explain and sell.


We receive your brief. We devote our time to it. Lot of time. The result? We know at the end how the video explainer will look like.  Among us work team of the best graphic designers and animators, which guarantees the best projects. They are the inventive minds who create for your brand and product the most ideal video explainer. Marketing loves tools like that, and sells understand them well. We know that through this tool you will achieve your aims. Give us an impossible task and we will be delighted to support your goals and vision!


We design and adjust the best ideas. Our quest is to gain most powerful and unconventional result. As we ourselves, are not fond of painfully ordinary and long boring movies or animations, we are eager to create dynamic, valuable content, yet entertaining and intriguing. It’s always on our mind that the viewer sitting out there will enjoy greatly watching your video explainer. And be aware of known fact that around 80% of viewers watch animations on the website.  Here goes!


We successfully create everything we have planned.  Therefore our projects are successful, they increase sales, they reinforce the image. With video explainer marketing becomes easier, becomes original. It’s proven fact that as many as 100 million internet users watch online videos every day, and 76% of entrepreneurs plan toadd videototheir websites. You must be among them, especially that there has been just created another exceptional video explainer!

What do we do?

We do real things- the concrete which will bring you excellent image, more effective actions and will prove your professionalism. Our speciality is original graphic, unique video explainer and animations- informative movies, which explain, encourage. All you want for your business. Storytelling doesn’t have any secrets from us. We use it for animations in different themes – economy and science, beauty andfashion, foodand sports, and many others. Anything more? Yes -we build brands, we design, we shape www websites, we use social media to deliver what consumers want. Everything in net. While we create in reality, we realize our visions in the internet. Above all our goal is to present the things which are not easy to explain right in enjoyable, simple and unique way.

Animation 2D

• Video Explainer
• Demo Explainer
• Business animation
• Promotional animation
• Product animation
• Education animation
• Training animation
• Video live + motion design

Graphic Design

• Graphic design
• Logo design
• Brand identity
• 3D design
• Web design
• Illustration


• Communication for brands
• Creating narrative and creative concepts for advertising campaigns
• Naming
• Copywriting
• Storytelling
• Scenarios for movies and animations

Our Clients

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Getting to know new people new places is interesting, isn’t it? Therefore feel free to contact us, and see yourself how many solutions and ideas we have for you. Write or call. Our Team is waiting just for you!