Advantages of using 2D/3D animation in educational marketing.


Animation has become an important tool in various forms of education – from school classrooms, through employee training, to presenting complex business plans to potential investors. The advantages of using 2D or 3D animation, whether in the form of a video explainer or as an advertising animation, are significant.


1. Education in school classroom


In education, animated films are invaluable, helping students understand complex concepts and ideas. With their ability to present difficult topics in a simple and accessible way, students are better able to understand and remember the material.


2. Employee training


Educational animations are also useful in the context of employee training. Training using animation can help employees understand company procedures and policies, as well as learning new skills. Instead of reading long manuals or browsing static slides, employees can learn in a more interactive and engaging way.


3. Business presentations


2D animations are also valuable for entrepreneurs and investors. Complex business plans and strategies can be easily understood when presented as a video explainer, whether in the form of simple iconographic or typographic animations or more complex and engaging animations. Instead of browsing pages and pages of text, potential investors can understand the key points of a business plan by watching a short but comprehensive animation.


4. Historical and cultural Education


Animated films can also be used for historical and cultural education. They can transform static images and texts into lively, dynamic presentations that help viewers understand the historical and cultural context and significance.


5. Medicine and sciences


2D/3D animations are indispensable in the sciences and medicine, where they can visualize complex processes and mechanisms that are difficult to understand based solely on text descriptions.


6. Promotion and marketing

Advertising animations are increasingly used in marketing, helping companies visualize and promote their products and services in a way that is both engaging and easy to remember for viewers.




From school education, through employee training, to business presentations for investors, and even in the sciences, medicine, and marketing – 2D animations bring significant benefits. With their ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas, animations can transform the way we teach and learn, as well as present and understand information. As such, they are an important tool in every aspect of education. Whether you are a teacher, HR employee, entrepreneur, or scientist, it is worth considering the use of computer animations as part of your educational process.