Advertising and product animations – what is their importance in promoting your brand?

“One picture is worth more than a thousand words” – this simple sentence hides almost the whole idea of modern marketing trends. Today, in the era where the video format reigns supreme, visual messages particularly attract recipients and increase their involvement. After all, as much as 90% of the information that our brain processes is closely related to the sense of sight. So if you want your brand to be always one step ahead of the competition, and customers to use your offer often, it is necessary to present your products or services to them in the form of animations.

Advertising animation, product animation, explainer video – what is it really about?

Animations can present all the features and benefits of a given product in a comprehensive way. They are also used to present the company and the services it provides. They can also explain the operation of certain mechanisms, individual system modules, software functionalities or show how a given product or service solves customer problems. There are really many possibilities. The main advantage of animations is the fact that they convey a lot of valuable information in an interesting and eye-pleasing way. Enriched with music or lector’s comments, they are better remembered by the recipients. However, like any other form of content, animations must meet certain assumptions.

What should you pay attention to when creating an animation?

Regardless of whether you want to create an advertising or product animation or an explainer video, you need to remember a few key things.

1. Prepare an animation scenario

There is a story behind every brand, company or product. tell her. Remember that only 30% of things we buy because of their properties. The remaining 70% of purchasing decisions depend on emotions and how we have been treated as customers by a given brand. The better you prepare this first step, the greater the chance that your animation will convince customers to buy.

2. Specify the video length

Product, image or advertising animations usually last about 2 minutes. However, their length should always be individually tailored to the needs of a given industry or topic they concern. Remember that the recipient of your content must have time to understand what you want to convey to him in the animation, and at the same time his ability to focus attention is limited. Usually, we are able to estimate the length of the animation based on the complexity of the script.

3. Select a stylistic outline

Company animations must be visually consistent with other advertising materials that your company uses for communication. This issue concerns both the colors, the form of branding and, above all, the style of illustrations used in the animation. These are extremely important issues that create the image of your brand and build its positive image in the minds of the recipients.

4. Specify a list of benefits you want to communicate to your audience

Think about why someone should buy your product? How is it better than what the competition offers? What customer needs can it meet? Write down all the ideas that come to your mind. An outline prepared in this way will be an ideal guide for a copywriter to create content.

5. Implementation of the project

So we already have a script, a specific design and key benefits. Time to implement the project. Post-production of the animation also applies to such elements as the selection of music or voiceover and the assembly of all materials. Content prepared in this way is ready for publication. Where? It depends only on the adopted strategy of your company. Animations are successfully used on webs