How video explainer animations simplify financial complexity. A Guide for Financial Companies.

The complexity of finance can be an insurmountable barrier for many. But what if we could change this situation through technology? Enter business animation films, also known as video explainers, which are increasingly being used in the marketing of financial companies.

Finance is a field that for many is filled with incomprehensible terms and complex concepts. Whether you are a fintech startup, a bank, or an insurance company, understanding these concepts by your customers is key to trust and success. But how to convey such information in an accessible and appealing way? The answer may be: animation in the form of 2D or 3D.

Assume that as a financial sector company offering a variety of products, such as insurance, investments, or loans. How to convey complicated rules and conditions in a way that is understandable to the average person?


2D Animation as an Educational Tool.

2D animations are not only an attractive way to present information but also an excellent educational tool. When information is presented in the form of animated films, our brain is able to assimilate it more easily and quickly. That’s why the video explainer is often used to explain complex financial concepts.


The Advantage of 2D Animation Marketing.


Marketing in the form of 2D animation has many advantages. Firstly, it is a form of communication that attracts attention. Thanks to animation advertising, your company can stand out from the competition, as well as convey key information in an understandable and attractive way.

Secondly, animation production is more flexible than traditional forms of advertising. It can be easily adapted to different audiences, contexts, or distribution channels.


2D Animations: Changing Perspective on Finance.


2D animations, especially video explainers, are a tool that helps understand complex financial concepts. With the help of colourful illustrations, simple diagrams, and accessible narration, 2D animations explain, illustrate and convey even the most intricate content understandably.

Here are a few examples of 2D animation applications in the financial sector:


Customer Education:

Banks and other financial institutions often use animation to educate customers about complex financial products. For example, they can use animations to explain how different types of mortgages work, how to understand investment charts, or how to use a new mobile app.


Data Presentation:

Finance is a field full of complicated data and statistics. Animations can help present this data in an attractive and understandable way. For example, they can be used to illustrate market trends, show investment growth, or illustrate complex financial models


Marketing and Advertising:

Animations are also often used in advertisements and marketing campaigns of financial institutions. They can, for example, present the benefits of using a specific service, show how easy it is to open an account or tell about the company’s values in an accessible way.



Another example can be animations created for an insurance company that explains different aspects of insurance, such as the differences between life insurance and health insurance, how to understand insurance premiums, or what benefits different types of insurance bring.



Micropayments are an area where 2D animations can be particularly helpful. They allow for an effective and accessible explanation of the functionality and benefits of using micropayment apps.

Examples could include animations created for companies like Venmo or Revolut, which offer an app for managing finances, including micropayments. In this animation, various app functions are presented in an accessible way – from executing international transfers, through purchasing cryptocurrencies, to splitting the bill among many people.

In the animation below, we showed how using simple illustrations and short, understandable voice-over text, we explained how the Relario app works:



In Conclusion

In a world where information is conveyed in various ways, financial companies need to look for new communication methods. In this context, 2D business animations, known as video explainers, can be very helpful. Thanks to them, complex financial concepts become understandable to everyone. This translates into better customer engagement and, most importantly, higher profits for your company.