Ikona / Idea Fair Play


O Projekcie / About This Project

Our regular client , filming studio Ikona commissioned an animation about easy to use online system Idea Fair Play. The system is intended to aloud the customer to buy any type of insurance and to support chosen insurer company in easy way and without any extra cost. Idea fair play is a project that builds social responsibility
  • Type Animation
  • Date 13 June 2018
  • Client Ikona Sp. z o.o.

– T E A M  P R O J E C T –
Project manager – Michał Bąk
Motion Design – Robert Kalfas
Copywriting – Joanna Żero ( Ikona Sp. z o.o)
Illustration – Jagoda Klaczyńska
Sounds – Robert Ostiak
Special thanks – Ikona Sp. z o.o.