How do we craft our videos?


To squeeze the most awesomeness out of your project, we need to understand you better. That’s why before we even put our pencils to the paper we ask you to fill in a creative brief. Simply put it’s a short questionnaire that helps us understand the Whats, the Whys, and the Hows of your company and your project. It’s incredibly important if not the most important part of the process.


Once we’re all on the same page, our team get together to brainstorm some creative ways to build a narrative that’s centered around your requirements. The result is a concept that will help the viewers connect with your message. From there we’ll  write a script that will distinguish your product from others. From start to finish, we want you to have complete control over your explainer video. That’s why if you think the script needs to be tweaked here and there don’t hesitate to tell us!


With a brilliant script on our hands, it’s time to dress it up in fancy clothes. The storyboard captures our script, scene-by-scene. Think of it as a sneak-peek into the future look of your video. These rough sketches are usually organised in a comic-like document that will be the main reference point for our animators.


With the storyboard approved, we begin working on style frames. They need to complement both your message and your brand’s visual identity. We give you options to choose from with full-color images representing different visual styles. Once you’ve picked the best one, we apply the design language to the entire script. On the other side of this stage, you’ll find custom-made illustrations that your target audience would love.

Voice over.

When it comes to selecting a voiceover for your video, there’s no one size fits all voice. The key is to find the right tone to match your company, product, and visual style of the video. It can greatly affect the emotional response to your explainer. Need it to be strictly informational? Humorous? A little bit of both? Consider it done. We work with great voiceover artists, who understand the intricacies of tone, delivery, and mood you can go for.


This is where the real fun begins. With a little bit of hocus-pocus and a lot of coffee, this is where your designs really come to life. With storyboard in one hand and approved design in the other, the marriage ceremony of the visual style and the idea begins. Once the first version has been completed, we send it over to you to get your feedback. Once the revision process is finished, your visuals are ready to dazzle the world.

Music and sounds.

The only remaining element that’s still missing is audio. Keeping in mind the desired tone of the video we help you select both the music and sound effects. Together they complement your visuals and make your video a truly immersive experience.


By effectively balancing the creative and video production strategy, we successfully crossed the finish line. It definitely wasn’t a sprint, but crafting a unique explainer video takes time. It’s a celebration time for your company and us. So as we bid farewell to your video, we open champagne hoping that we’ll meet again in the future.